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TRB Committee on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation (AP055)


AP055 Sub-Committees

Research Sub-Committee

Will Rodman

Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates

Nathan Belz
University of Alaska


Conference Sub-Committee

Patricia A. Monahan
Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates

Jacklyn Montgomery
Executive Director
California Association for Coordinating Transportation


Joint Subcommittee on Transportation in Military Communities

Transportation in Military Communities [ADA20(2)] is a Joint Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board hosted by the following committees: Metropolitan Policy, Planning, and Processes (ADA20) Military Transportation (AT035) Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation (AP055)


The Transportation in Military Communities Joint Subcommittee explores complex relationships between military bases and the surrounding civilian transportation system. The goal is to promote greater awareness and understanding of the military and civilian processes by which decisions are made that affect these transportation systems, and to foster a more coordinated, comprehensive, and continuing approach to decision-making and funding for improvements.

Current topics of interest include but are not limited to:

The Subcommittee will pursue relevant research, annual meeting workshops and sessions, and will disseminate this information as its primary tool to fulfill this mission.